Using GPS tracking with QGIS and Panasonic Toughpad

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I'm using QGIS with a Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 with inbuilt dedicated GPS. I can connect successfully to the GPS by using View --> Panels --> GPS information.Satellites and signal strength show up, but there is no GPS information shows up in the GPS information window, and no cursor shows on the map. The GPS reports positional data okay when connected to GPS Viewer tool, so the problem appears to be specific to QGIS and the Panasonic Toughpad.


I managed to solve this. Turns out QGIS does not handle NMEA data with the prefix $GN, only with the prefix $GP. The GPS chip on the Panasonic Toughpads is a u-blox M8, so I installed u-blox “U-Centre” software, opened and connected to the COM4 port. Then:

View → Configuration view → NMEA (NMEA Protocol)

Change “Main Talker ID” to “1 – GP(GPS)”

Click SEND, then POLL to check changes were sent to receiver

Now it works perfectly with QGIS live tracking :)

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